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How does it work?

  • Create your wedding event on our website!
  • Share your event link so everyone knows that you are using our service and want them to take loads of videos!
  • Guests then take their footage at the wedding as they usually would. You can nominate people to take the footage that you really want or even set up cameras. The more footage that we get the better.
  • Guests upload their footage.
  • We now have all your wedding footage in one place.
  • We turn this footage into an amazing wedding highlight video which we will have ready for you within 7 days! 

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Send out an invite to your event. Guests can upload footage directly to your event using the app or website.

Once the event is over and all the videos are collected our amazing editing team will complete a video for you.


Have a look at an amazing video created by the Memfies Team!