For wedding planners or the bride and groom, the most stressful stage of a wedding is not the day itself, but the long-running preparations. Yes! Long-running. There is an average of 20 months of planning, from the time of the engagement until the wedding day. There are endless tools to be used now in wedding planning, including wedding apps being used for everything from the budget to the seating plan. The wedding website has now become a mainstay here as well giving everybody the most up to date information about the upcoming event!. Are some of these tools and trends taking away from weddings rather than adding to them? Are couples looking to outdo each other so much that they forget to enjoy themselves?

Just a quick look at a few of the biggest changes currently affecting weddings and a few of the changes which we see as being the biggest game-changers for future weddings.

Social Media

In a lot of cases, social media has made wedding celebrations a live broadcast event. The happenings of the day are now posted on social media for all to see. The wedding day is no longer only celebrated within the walls of the reception area but can be seen by people all over the world in real-time. This is great for people who can’t attend the wedding of a loved one, they can be included in the day to a certain level. But some people also feel that this is an intrusion on their day. Be sure to request permission to live stream the marriage ceremony just in case the bride and groom don’t want it being seen in the public domain.

There are a lot of brides and grooms who don’t want this kind of coverage. There are weddings where attendees are requested to not take videos or photo’s during the ceremony at all – these weddings are called “unplugged weddings”. Also, some celebrants may not want people taking videos or photos during their ceremonies. People posting to their social media accounts are sometimes requested to refrain from posting videos/pictures from the wedding for a few days so that the couple gets the chance to post their own news! There have even been a lot of cases of couples catching a glimpse of one another before the ceremony because of a mistimed Instagram story or post! How many years bad luck is that?!

Some social media content from weddings even hits the headlines when viral videos of a cake falling or a photographer slipping ends up being seen by millions around the world. Depending on the view of the bride/groom, this can be a good or bad thing.


Drones are being used by nearly every videographer today at weddings. They give the videographer a chance to capture those establishing shots of the area surrounding the wedding ceremony and reception and help to tell the story of the day amazingly well. The footage taken can be amazing and it really adds to any wedding video. Drones are also being used in order to obtain group photos which you weren’t able to get only a few years ago.  Nearly all videographers and photographers are incorporating the drone footage/photo into their packages as they are always in demand from the client. We think there are only positives to be said about the advancement in drone technology when it comes to weddings.

Making your guests your Videographers

For the future of changes in wedding technology, the one outstanding offering we have seen which is really simple and really unique relies around a lot of advancement in tech – but uses this advancement in the simplest of ways to create a new service called Memfies.

The great thing about Memfies is that it is so simple yet so effective. It outsources the responsibilities of a videographer to the people attending the wedding. Who is better to be your videographer? The people who know and love you, the people who will be sharing this amazing day with you. The people you can be yourself around, that’s right! Combining these reasons with the fact that nearly everyone at the wedding has a camera in their pocket and the quality of these phone cameras has become so good that you could make a feature film on them make this such a great concept. It’s hard to go past it as the best new idea for weddings.

Look around you the next time you are at a wedding, see how many people are taking videos. Now imagine being able to get all this content to one place and then have a professional editor complete a video using it. That’s right, it would be an amazing way for the bride and groom to remember the day!

There are so many other reasons to use this service. You can use it to collect all your wedding videos to one place. If you don’t want your wedding content to be shared to other platforms you can request people to only upload it to Memfies so that you have control over what content you decide to post to social media. The fast completion of videos means you will not be waiting long for a completed highlight video of your wedding. It is so cost effective it is nearly a question of why wouldn’t you use.

According to last year’s surveys the main reason why couples didn’t have a video made was because of budget constraints, now there is no reason!