Your wedding day is the most special day of your life, but that doesn’t mean you should spend your life paying for it! A few budget wedding tips might help you out! It’s important to make your big day a special one but, these days the costs involved are increasing rapidly.

Did you ever think that with a little bit of proper planning and a few little tricks you could save some money on your wedding without making it an any less special one? You want to have a wedding that is memorable for the right reasons. Don’t worry, in today’s blog, we will share with you some tips and tricks for making a saving when it comes to your wedding day:

1. Venues/Suppliers – The Off Season Wedding

Getting married in the off season will make a big difference to your budget. Not only are the venues quiet but a lot of the wedding suppliers are as well. This may also benefit you by venues and suppliers which you have to choose from. Getting a highly sought after venue in the high season will often mean booking well in advance and paying the highest price. But if you book the same venue in the off season, it can sometimes be half the price! This saving can also be felt by the guests attending; as accommodation will also be cheaper for those who are travelling for the wedding. Suppliers who find themselves busy in the high season but quiet in the low season, may also be willing to negotiate on prices to secure your business. So make sure to contact your favourite suppliers to see if they are available, you may be pleasantly surprised.

When it comes to the venue, choose one which already has a beautifully decorated interior because by doing this you don’t have to put a lot of money into additional decorations.

Having a small wedding is an option a lot of couples are going with these days, in order to keep costs down. This will always be cheaper but it can be difficult to do; as you don’t want to leave anyone out of your big day. One way around this can be by just inviting really close friends and family to the reception while having everyone else to the afters.

There are lots of great inspiration blogs which will help you cut back costs in every area check out the likes of ownyourdayweddings on Instagram, an amazing Australian wedding inspiration blog with lots of cost saving tips. 

2. Wedding cakes 


Another top tip for throwing a budget wedding, is to talk to your baker about the cheaper alternatives and different options of wedding cakes that will suit your budget. You could go with a single-tier cake with different pastries or cupcakes. This way there are added options for people who don’t want the cake and there isn’t a lot of cake wasted. A trick that also works is having a tiered cake with Styrofoam on the bottom layers. This gives the wow factor of the tiered cake without the cost, bakers know this trick very well.

3. Clothing

  Whether it be for the bride or the groom or even the best man or bridesmaid, wedding attire is not exactly budget-friendly! But, there are still options you may not have thought of. There are a lot of fantastic options for used wedding dresses. Check out websites like; who sell dresses by all the amazing designers. It is easy to see why brides are increasingly going this way to find their perfect dress – as the savings you can make on an amazing dress are huge. There are also these options for used suits for the groom or groomsmen. Another alternative which is popular is renting out a suit or dress just for the occasion. This can be a great cost-saving option as well. 

4. Invitations

There are so many alternatives for wedding invitations online now, you have many websites where you can create your own using design templates and have them completed for you or, if you are creative you can do it all yourself from start to finish. This can cut back on some of your costs but this can also be time-consuming. There are great options out there like Pink Elephant Cards in Lisburn which is a social enterprise where 100% of the profits are reinvested to support the work being done there. 

People are now regularly choosing to email out their invites instead with the obvious benefits of saving on postage and invite creation. The video invite is a growing trend that has grown quickly in the last number of years. It has been very common in the Indian Wedding market for years where the majority of couples now create e invite videos in the run-up to their weddings. Try out Memfies wedding invitation video options which you can send out through WhatsApp or any other social media platforms. Check it out at

Click on this link to check a wedding invitation video made by Memfies.

5. Videograpy

There is a great new alternative to videography which is starting to gain a big share of the market. Memfies are trying to revolutionise the way we create videos of weddings.

The great thing about Memfies is that it is so simple yet so effective. It outsources the responsibilities of a videographer to the people attending the wedding. Who is better to be your videographer? The people who know and love you, the people who will be sharing this amazing day with you. The people you can be yourself around, that’s right! Combining these reasons with the fact that nearly everyone at the wedding has a high quality camera in their pocket makes this such a great concept. 

Look around you the next time you are at a wedding, see how many people are taking videos. Now imagine being able to get all of this content to one place and then have a professional editor complete a video using it. It is an amazing way for the bride and groom to remember the day!

According to last year’s surveys, the main reason why couples didn’t have a video made was because of budget constraints, Now there is no reason! Having an alternative such as Memfies means that there is this budget friendly option .With a price of €199 it’s nearly a question of why wouldn’t you use the service?

6. Transport

 Some brides and grooms like fast cars, vintage cars or even sometimes a horse and cart but to get access to these can be very expensive, especially when you consider it’s only for a couple of hours. If you are on a tight budget or you need to free up some space in the budget for other essentials, you could always hire a premium level car from your local car rental company. This will cost you a fraction of the price and you can request the type of car you would like when booking. You can also ask a friend of yours to drive you and in this way there is another person being included in the day!

Those were some budget saving wedding tips that might save you some money or at least maybe give you a little bit of inspiration. If you have any other ideas or suggestions, we would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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