Who doesn’t want to be nostalgic? Imagine yourself after 20 or 30 years of your marriage looking back on your wedding day. Isn’t it beautiful. Yes, a wedding video involves a cost and however small the cost, it still adds up. But think of it another way, a wedding video could be one of the most valuable items you have in 20 or 30 years time. At this point, these memories will be priceless! In this blog we will talk about the importance of wedding video and why it is a must to include it in your wedding budget.

The Wedding Day goes by so fast

Like any other event, your wedding day will go by before you know it. Unlike any other event, your wedding day will probably be the most memorable day of your life. You will spend months in preparation for this day and it goes by in no time, in fact, you will never be able to enjoy every bit of it on your wedding day. Having a wedding video is the best way to remember your wedding day. A video will capture moments which you might have missed or remind you of a moment which you might otherwise have forgotten. Having the memory of the day captured in video means you can relive the day together whenever you want.

Better than photos : Importance of Wedding Video

Yes, photographs are beautiful and always nice to have, but photos can only capture a specific moment of your wedding while a video can capture the entire moment. Those beautiful and emotional moments of you walking down the aisle or those crazy and funny moments of the evening party can be captured entirely only through video. With photos you can only see the emotions but with videos you can feel the reasons behind those emotions.

A wedding is about everyone

There will be so many things going on at your wedding. Just imagine how busy you will be with all of your guests, having a wedding video means that a lot of these interactions and all of the atmosphere is captured so that you can relive it later. All of the guests attending your wedding are there to celebrate your big day. These people are all there because they are special people in your life. It is a day that must be remembered.

For the guests who couldn’t attend

There will always be some close friends or relatives who will not be able to attend your wedding for one reason or another. A wedding video is a nice way for them to experience your wedding day.

For your future generations

Just imagine how nice it would if you could experience the wedding of your parents or even your grandparents. Going back in time and watching your parents and grandparents when they were getting married would be amazing. Wouldn’t you want your children or grandchildren to experience the same for your wedding?

Reliving the emotions

Imagine yourself after 30 years of marriage sitting back with your spouse and reliving your wedding day. With a wedding video you can actually relive the emotions of your wedding day, this would not be possible without it. The biggest regret newlyweds have after a wedding day is not having a video memory of the day. This is according to all the most recent post wedding surveys.

There is now a great new way to create your wedding video. Wouldn’t it be great if all the memories of your wedding day were captured by your closest friends and family? Memories captured by your loved ones will show the real feelings on the day which can otherwise be missed. Memfies is a company which enables you to create your wedding video from your guests’ smartphone footage. Memfies revolves around the idea of social videography where the guests at a wedding can involve themselves in the videography process which gives the video a very personal and unique view. You can involve as many guests as possible in the process so that you never miss a single moment of your big day.

Memfies – The Wedding Video App.

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