When the COVID-19 pandemic began to fill everyone with fear and uncertainty, no one expected marriages to take place.


The dates had been finalized, caterers and venues booked and your invitations sent out. The whole wedding had been planned down to the last detail and no one could have foreseen that their big day would be swallowed up by a pandemic.


But nothing can extinguish the light of love! Worldwide, many couples decided to postpone their special day due to the lockdown – but it wasn’t the case for everyone! Some couples decided to go ahead and get locked in together! They chose to swap their big wedding for a small intimate ceremony. Perhaps, this is what a modern wedding looks like?


When weddings were larger than life, minimalism and attention to detail were often given a back seat. But a pandemic wedding is all about concentrating on details and the things that really matter.


Take a look at our list of 4 things that have changed about weddings in 2020 and what a pandemic wedding looks like today;





The whole world is forced to follow the social distancing guidelines, even at weddings! This has significantly reduced the size of the guest list for many wedding couples. This can be really tricky for couples when some hard decisions have to be made on who can be left out of the guest list. But this, for many, is the first decision the that has to be made if they want the wedding to go ahead.


Having a reduced number can lead to a more intimate wedding. A lot of couples are happy to go ahead with only their very nearest and dearest, as they really are the most important ones to celebrate this moment with. The bonus for you, if you do decide to go ahead, is that you will get to spend more time on the day with each and every one of your chosen few! For the guest who cannot be physically present, have you considered that they attend virtually? Yes, we are in the digital age, but who would have thought one would have or witness a digital wedding.


Live streams from ceremonies across the world, are helping wedding couples invite more that the guest list restrictions allow, witness them say ‘I Do’.




guests in a pandemic wedding






With the restrictions on numbers of people gathering for an event being limited, it may be difficult to bump someone off the list to allow you to include a videographer attend your special day. Some families may also be wary of an outsider, who may have attended many other events during the ongoing pandemic get too close to them. But we all know how important a wedding video is! Nobody wants to forget these moments or let the day pass without any footage to look back on in years to come.


Have you considered letting your guests be your wedding videographers? Invite them to be INvolved in your wedding day in a different way. Confused? Your guests are perfectly positioned to capture the best moments, these guests are the people you feel most comfortable and natural around.


Nominate them to upload wedding footage and create the wedding video that you want!
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Each and every guest can be involved in the wedding and that’s the fun of a wedding. Indeed, a Do-It-Yourself Wedding.




Guests shooting wedding video






Pandemic weddings have defied all mainstream wedding norms. Couples are now saying “I do” in gardens, meadows, backyards, homes, churches, small banquet halls, on rooftops often away from the grandeur and wedding frills. They are now also amidst face masks, sanitizer, and social distancing norms.


If you are planning to get married in this pandemic, don’t stress about the venue. With unconventional wedding venues and minimalistic wedding décor, weddings have indeed taken a new turn. Good food is the essence of a wedding even in a pandemic wedding (Mmmmm wedding food!). Couples are often opting for small local caterers keeping the menu simple yet delicious. The other options have been home-cooked food made by a family member. Each and every guest is involved.




venue of a pandemic wedding






More pandemic brides are choosing wedding outfits that belonged to their mothers or grandmothers continuing the family legacy. May love to be modern enough to survive these times and old fashioned enough to last forever.


Don’t forget your designer masks! After all, masks are the new style statement.


Do weddings look the same? Definitely not! It is distancing people socially but bringing them closer emotionally. This is what the virus has done to wedding of 2020.


Yes, a lot of things have changed but small and intimate weddings have in some ways made it more special, in the end, all that matters is love! 




guests with masks on



Good luck! HAve A Great wedding! Stay safe, stay in love!





















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