Wedding Hashtag – Why a Crowd-sourcing App is a better alternative!

To hashtag or not to hashtag? That is the question on many brides lips (when they put the uncertainty of COVID-19 aside for a while and get back to planning their wedding day that is!).

Choosing to have your wedding day ‘plugged-in’ and allowing your guests to take and share their photos of your special day is the latest trend many couples are opting for when getting married in 2020 or those planning for 2021/2022 weddings. 

We agree it’s a great idea to have access to a virtual “album” of your special day so you can hopefully look through for years to come. But when you think about creating one, there are so many more questions that need answering. What is a wedding hashtag, why do I need one and is it a good idea? Let us help you answer these…

Why do you need a Wedding Hashtag?

This massive trend has become ‘oh so’ popular over the last few years and it is all about having a personalised hashtag for your wedding day. Couple’s are generating a unique or quirky hashtag to us. Then requesting guests, through cute signage, to ‘Share the Love and tag your photos’.  It’s a nice way of being able to view the photos and videos your guests shoot on your day.

Some of the benefits include:

  1. Getting your guests involved
  2. Tracking and accessing your pictures and videos
  3. A Modern-day guestbook
  4. A way to show off your married name
  5. Great way to get your guests talking 

But having a wedding hashtag has its risks and limitations! A lot of wedding couples are starting to reconsider whether it is a good idea and some are starting to have hesitations about having one at all! 

Wedding Hashtag Benefits

What are the downsides to committing to the hashtag?

1. There are better alternatives available.

We are seeing people post photos everyday on social media – but people can be hesitant to share all their photos and videos and often they delay in uploading any at all. 

What if we let you in on a little secret? Did you know you can have all the benefits of having a wedding hashtag but without using social media! All you need to do is invite your guests to upload their snaps to a crowdsourcing app that allows guests to share all their pictures and videos of your wedding day! This way you don’t have to worry about waiting for your guests to choose, edit and upload a picture to social media. 

2. Your wedding hashtag isn’t uniquely your own private feed.

You may decide on a great hashtag or even use a hashtag generator to find one that is unique now – but hashtags aren’t like web addresses or phone numbers! There is no guarantee that yours will stay unique for long. 

Wedding hashtags have been around for many years and it’s getting more popular with every passing year. This is making it harder for couples to generate a totally new one. Using the Memfies app allows you to keep your footage in one place for you to enjoy viewing at your convenience. 

3. Everyone is not on Instagram and social media.

Although you may like the idea of logging onto your social media account and being able to search with ease for your wedding footage, don’t forget that not all of your guests have an account (I’m looking at you grandma!). 

There is also a good chance that not all of your guest list knows how to hashtag their uploads or know what a hashtag even is! Encouraging the use of the Memfies app makes sure that every guest has the same access to the technology as the next guest.

4. Fewer participants.

What if your friends and family don’t get word of the hashtag? Maybe they don’t notice your cute signage! The next morning when you scroll through social media, you might be disappointed that there are only a few posts tagged.

There is also a chance your guests will only post pictures of themselves – which we’re sure you’ll love to see – but it’s probably not what you’re hoping to gather in your virtual album! By uploading to an app, your guests will be happy to share all the candid moments, even the ones you might be happier they keep off social media. 

5. It is a very public affair!

If you don’t love the idea of your personal images being spread across social media? Take note; people searching your hashtag or those who follow your Instagram feed could see photos of your special day, even before you get the chance to see them yourself!

Socially preoccupied at wedding with hashtag social media

6. Socially preoccupied.

When we upload a picture to Instagram and hashtag it, we become distracted. Your guests may become more focused on getting likes than they are of enjoying the moment. Encouraging your guests to use the app instead, they’ll likely be less inclined to use social media. Most importantly, they will be more likely to be present in the moment at your wedding celebrations.

7. Avoid the risk of offending your ‘friends’

It’s unlikely, that even if you weren’t restricted by numbers for your guest-list, that you’d invite every Instagram follower or Facebook friend. It’s not the reality of weddings. What’s important is having those closest to you, with you on the day to celebrate!

But those people who weren’t lucky enough to get the invite, might not appreciate seeing their news feed taken over by all the fun they are missing out on! With a private feed on the Memfies app – those who attend and share can see all the snaps. This way you avoid offending those who don’t get the chance to experience in real life.

8. Bring your snaps to life! 

Having a virtual album of photos and videos may satisfy you for awhile – but what do you do with them after they have been hash-tagged? If you download them from social media or request friends and family to send them to you via a messenger app – the files get compressed and they loose the quality they were taken in.

After your guests snap and share on the Memfies App – you can request for a highlight video to be created by the team of professional editors! Although there are free AI alternatives out there, you need time and patience to create one for yourself. Memfies uses professional human editors to create the perfect compilation of your shots!

Wedding rings on the screen of a smartphone

How do I get the best out of the App Alternative? 

Memfies will guide you through the whole process – making it easy for you to get the best of your guests videos and photos. Many couples are now opting for a DIY wedding video, because with a few helpful tips and tricks – you can empower your friends and family to get all the clips you need. This could save you having to hire a videographer at all! It may not be for everyone – but its a budget friendly solution to capturing your day without the big splurge! 


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