people raising wine glass in selective focus photography I never saw the wedding photographer all day. And yet when I saw the wedding photos, they were best, most natural and fun photos I have ever seen from any wedding I have attended. 

The couple who are close personal friends decided to guide the photographer to take not staged photos for their wedding day, instead the instructions were to capture their day naturally, while they and their family and friends were naturally enjoying the many moments of their day. And it worked brilliantly with the photographer capturing many moments perfectly. 

These photos were so fun to look over for those involved who can recall the stories, jokes and personal memories of those moments, while those watching on were laughing imagining what was being told as guests smiled, laughed and shared emotions together. 

This is something I really believe other couples should consider trying as it really brings out the best from your wedding photographer. However, if you really like the traditional photos but also like these natural moments, there is also another choice available. 

Your wedding guests are your natural photographers and videographers. 

They are the ones who will be closest to you, emotionally and physically in your life up to your wedding day, from start to finish on your wedding day, as well as throughout your life after it. You will have many fun and precious photos and videos from friends and family from your life leading up to your wedding day and making the most of your moments with them during your wedding day is something you need to capture as you will really love and enjoy these moments in later life. 

person holding iPhone capturing group of women

Each guest nowadays has a smartphone with a camera quality on it similar to what a wedding videographer was using to capture wedding moments only a few years ago, the quality is really fantastic. It is this combination of the camera advances and having friends and family who know you best capturing  these moments naturally that makes this the perfect way to create this memory of the day. Theses are memories you will look back on again and again.  This is the reason why we decided to create a way for wedding couples to gather guests wedding videos and photos easily. This is what Memfies has been created for (Memories and Selfies = Memfies) 

We then thought it would be even more fantastic if we got a professional editor to polish up these clips to make it more stylish and cinematic, something which you can really have fun re-watching again and again. We believe you will watch this video more times than you will imagine in future days on your honeymoon as well as future anniversaries. 

When you send guests a link to your wedding event (using the likes of WhatsApp) they can upload everything to your personal event space. Then when everything is up and you give us the go ahead to edit.  We know you want these back immediately so will begin editing straight away and get it back to in a few days, tops. 

It is also the ideal way to share your day with your wider circle of friends on social media in the days after your wedding event when you are proud to tell the world that you are now a married couple. A Memfies wedding video is perfect for a Facebook or Insta update. 

Btw, did you know you can also use Memfies to collect footage from guests from a wedding in the past, too? Some couples can feel they miss out by not having a wedding videographer present. If you know someone who got married recently who might like this idea please consider tagging them or passing this along to them. We are happy to help them put these memories together.

 Memfies – The Wedding Video App.

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