Create crowdsourced business videos from real customers

How does Memfies work for businesses?

Making video easy for businesses

We have created a platform which makes things simple. If you are a business looking to create content for social media or for bigger campaigns we make it easy to do so. Collecting tributes from customers couldn’t be easier. User-generated content is everywhere; customers, employees and brand ambassadors are creating video content every day. Memfies gives your brand the power to  showcase crowd-sourced video through engaging marketing content. 

Setup only takes a few minutes and is completely free with no commitments!

Customers and user generated video
multiple users generating video content

Amplify your advocates

Memfies helps your business by harnessing word of mouth marketing. Source videos from anyone, anywhere in the world with ease and access on-demand video editing services.

We would love to hear how we can work with your business. We are always available to answer any of your questions.

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