Choosing your Wedding Video Package

Memfies ‘shoot it yourself’ wedding videos packages are simple, fun and budget friendly. 

Start by creating an account on our web platform or mobile app. You will be able to share your event with guests and after your wedding day, collect all your wedding content from your friends and guests in one place. You won’t be charged for using our service until you request to create your video.

On request, our professional editors will create a stunning highlight video using your uploaded footage in just 7 days.

See wedding video package prices below:

Friends and Family Wedding Guests shooting video on Memfies App

Memfies Intro Wedding Package


This service is completely free! You now have a place to collect all of your guests videos and photos in one place. Uploading to our platform will store them at the full quality as nothing is compressed. Using hashtags on social media is a great way to see uploaded footage – but it reduces the quality and size of the footage and photos. 

If you request guests to upload their clips to your event on our app or website – you will be able to view them in one place without any downsides of using a wedding hashtag!

Great for smaller events or to try out our service.

Highlight Video Package Preview Memfies Wedding App

'Memfies Movie' - The Ultimate Wedding Video Package


This is the most authentic way to capture your special day.  The concept is so simple and affordable! Choose a few trusted friends and family to do the filming on your wedding day and collect the footage on our FREE app. Then request for our professional and experienced editors to create your unique Wedding Highlight Video.

Once you request for editing, you will receive:

  • 2-3 minute highlight video
  • Produced and edited by professional editors
  • 7 day delivery

The setup is so easy. Whether you are getting married next year, next month, tomorrow, even today!  Create your wedding event within minutes. It’s not too late!

Wedding Wishes on your wedding day covid guest

"I Do - wish I was there"

The Best Wishes Wedding Video Package – €299


For many wedding couples – the pandemic has mean’t they have had to significantly reduce the guest-list for their special day.

Making a video compilation of the guests, who couldn’t be there on the day – but wish they could, is the perfect gift for any newly weds who’ve been affected by COVID-19.

Surprise them on the day, as part of your speech or simply send it to them as they drive from the ceremony to the reception. It’s a guaranteed tearjerker and something they will never forget!  

Making a video gift is easy and affordable with Memfies online platform. We take all the hassle out of organizing and use professional editors to create the most unique gift. 

"What would have been will be again"

Thinking of You Wedding Video Package – €299

Looking for a gift for the couple who’ve had to postpone their wedding day due to the coronavirus pandemic?

If you’ve loved ones who’ve been forced to change their wedding plans, you may want to do something to help. A ‘what would have been’ wedding video is the perfect gift to help them mark their original wedding date.

Create an event with Memfies and invite friends and family to upload photos of the couple and a video message. Simply request them to record a ‘thinking of you on your original wedding date day‘ message for the nearly-weds.

Professional editors will produce a special video for the couple to watch on the day they should have been celebrating their marriage. 

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