create a gift that they will treasure forever

A family video for any occassion

Cherish the time together after so much time apart

Create home video christmas gift

Create a gift like no other with a professional home video from Memfies.

Easily source your videos and photos from friends and family and we will turn it into an amazing highlight video, whether you want to do this for a birthday, an anniversary or another big event. Add video greetings or ask other family members to contribute with ease. It’s the hassle-free way to create a gift that is truly unique and special.

With no postage to worry about it’s never too late to start creating your video gift.  It takes two minutes to set up and we will have your video created within 7 days. 

This is a gift that your family will look back on and cherish for years to come! The best part is that it’s so simple and easy to create. A gift that is guaranteed to make them smile.

The Ultimate Gift  

What could be more meaningful than the gift of memories? This unforgettable gift can be created with no hassle or stress. Leave all the video editing to the professionals!

Transform your videos into a highlight video that is perfect to gift to your partner, parents or grandparents. Combine videos from siblings and share the cost of the gift between you.

Our professional editors will filter, crop and arrange the footage to tell a story and apply themed music where needed. 

Wait until you see the look on their face when you play it for them – priceless!

Christmas Video Upload


Start by creating your video event page. 

Sign into Memfies, first you will create an event for your video gift project. You will then have an event page where you can upload all your video and photo content, along with any comments for the editors. 



There is no limit to the amount of people who can contribute to your video. 

Make your video gift even more special by sharing a link to other family members or friends who can upload photo and videos direct to your event page. Memfies will provide you with a shareable link and QR code that will direct invited people to upload content that will be included in your video. 

Invite people to contribute video gift


Once everyone has submitted their contributions you can send your footage to have your video completed. 

Memfies team of editors are ready and waiting to transform your clips into a beautiful  video. Once you are happy with the finalized version you can download the finished video from the platform and share it as you like.

Family Moments with Memfies

Video Memories

We all have videos and photos on our smartphones – but what do we do with them? Before smartphones, we sat in front of the TV and enjoyed watching home videos together.

Now video memories are stored on the cloud and often forgotten. Memfies want to bring back those memories and help you create something truly special – a professionally edited home video for you to treasure forever!

Is it really that easy to create a video gift?


Set up in minutes

No editing required

No commitment

Unlimited Uploads

Multiple Contributors

Delivered Digitally

Completed within 7 days

Memfies Christmas Gift 2020

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