Check out our top 12 tips to a DIY Wedding Video

In the 21st Century, we are surrounded by incredible technologies and most of them are designed to make our lives easier. If we look back over the last 12 – 15 years, there has been a massive advancement in technology, and it is advancing quicker all the time. One of the biggest innovations during this time was the smartphone, this gave access to different technologies to the general public in such a convenient and affordable way, transforming the way we live. This massive increase in the use of smartphones led to a growth of smartphone manufacturing companies like never before, these companies continuously focused on delivering new innovative features and technologies to strengthen their brand and position in this highly competitive market. These days, most of the smartphone companies are focusing on improvement of the cameras built in the phones. With better sensors, adjustable apertures, optical image stabilisation, telephoto lenses combined with optimised software, some of the smartphone cameras these days can take even better pictures and videos than a professional DSLR camera.

Some of the smartphones with high-quality cameras.

Yes, you guessed it right!! Just with your smartphone camera and a couple of tricks, now even you can shoot those cinematic professional videos without breaking a sweat. In this blog, we are highlighting some of the tips and tricks which will help you to shoot a wedding video with a smartphone like a pro!

1. Megapixels don’t matter

Megapixels are just a count. All that matters are the right angle, selection of correct situation and proper setting according to those situations. So, don’t worry if your smartphone camera doesn’t have those high megapixel cameras. Be creative!! People are happy to have the memory; it doesn’t have to in 4k!

With the proper angle, you can get the perfect footage even with an old iPhone.

2. Plan and create a story

Won’t it be a boring movie without a story? Remember that your final wedding movie will be a story of the wedding day. So, plan in advance before you start shooting it.

3. Film in landscape (ALWAYS)

You should always take videos in landscape. A lot of people are so used to taking photos in portrait that when they switch to video, they just continue to do the same. The difference in the quality of portrait versus landscape when making a video is just astounding.

Don’t miss out on the bigger opportunity by shooting in portrait.

4. Angles make it cinematic

Try changing up the angles. Getting a different view! We are not asking you to shoot like a professional cinematographer but what’s wrong with trying a few different angles. Watch some professional cinematic videos – nothing wrong with getting a bit of inspiration.

5. Pan your camera

Always remember, the viewers of your video will tend to get bored very often if your video is shot from one point. Try to pan your camera in different ways while shooting to make it exciting. Select a subject and follow it, for example, move along with the bride when she walks down the aisle or pan your camera over the beautiful decors standing from a fixed point.

6. Mix with different shots

Imagine you are watching a movie where all the scenes are shot from a distance covering everything in it. Will it be good? While shooting a wedding video it is a must that you mix your footage with distance and closeup shots.

Mix your video with distance and close shots

7. Judge the lighting conditions

When shooting in bright conditions like outside on a nice sunny day, you don’t have to think too much about it. When it comes to low lighting conditions, like while shooting a wedding party in the evening, you should be careful about the shots. No one likes dark footage. Nowadays almost every smartphone comes with an adjustable ISO to solve these problems. Adjust it according to your lighting conditions. Also, your smartphone light will help you a lot along the way. So, don’t hesitate to turn it on whenever required.

A perfect shot under low lighting condition with increased ISO.

8. Avoid videobombing

A wedding is a busy environment. Don’t let someone ruin your shot by jumping in front of your camera while you’re shooting a beautiful moment.

Videobombing may spoil the precious moment of your video.

9. Interview people around

Make your video livelier and more emotional by taking interviews with the bride/ groom, their parents or guests. Also, don’t forget to shoot those sweet speeches. Those will make your video special and memorable.

10. Have fun and enjoy while filming

Mix into the crowd while filming and enjoy the moments. You don’t have to keep yourself isolated to shoot a wedding video. The more you enjoy being at the wedding the better your footage will be.

Enjoy yourself

11. Nominate your friends and guests

All the footage you shoot may not be useful for your video but if you do not have it you will never be able to use it. Nominate all your friends to shoot from different places. Getting as many people involved as possible means you can make a great video. This will be an amazing gift for the bride and groom. The more footage is better!

12. Collect and get it edited from a professional editor

There is a great service called Memfies which does exactly this. They have an easy to use platform where all the guests can upload their videos. Memfies then have a professional editor create your highlight videos using the footage. It’s a step by step way of getting your guests to be your videographer! Check out Memfies -the wedding video app!