Wedding Video Plans

Choosing your Wedding Video Package

Memfies ‘shoot it yourself’ wedding videos plans are simple, fun and budget friendly. 

First you will collect all your wedding content from your friends and guests in one place with our new Memfies App and you won’t be charged for using our service.

On request, our professional editors will create a stunning highlight video using your uploaded footage in just 7 days.

See package prices below:

Memfies Intro Package


This service is completely free! You now have a place to collect all of your guests videos and photos in one place. Uploading to our platform will store them at the full quality as nothing is compressed. Using hashtags on social media is a great way to see uploaded footage – but it reduces the quality and size of the footage and photos. 

If you request guests to upload their clips to your event on our app or website – you will be able to access and download them .

Great for smaller events or to try out our service

Memfies Movie


This is the most authentic way to capture your special day.  The concept is so simple and affordable! Choose a few trusted friends and family to do the filming on your wedding day and collect the footage on our FREE app. Then request for our professional and experienced editors to create your unique Wedding Highlight Video.

Once you request for editing, you will receive:

  • 2-3 minute highlight video
  • Produced and edited by professional editors
  • 7 day delivery

The setup is so easy. Whether you are getting married next year, next month, tomorrow, even today!  Create your wedding event within minutes. It’s not too late!

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